How to Help: A New Perspective


How to Help: A New Perspective by Jeff Foote, PhD If you are someone who loves someone misusing substances, it is likely that you want to help and want things to change. It’s also likely that

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Finding a Treatment that “Fits”


Finding a Treatment that “Fits” by Carrie Wilkens, PhD and Josh King, PsyD The addiction treatment field, and specifically inpatient programs (or rehabs), have been in the press a lot lately. In the last decade programs have opened,

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Responding to Ambivalence


Responding to Ambivalence by Nicole Kosanke, PhD Have you ever wished someone you love would change? Wished they would eat healthier or quit smoking. Wished they would stop spending so much money on things they can’t

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The Willingness to Change


The Willingness to Change by Josh King, PsyD If you or someone you love is considering making a behavior change, you may want to spend some time thinking about the concept of willingness. It’s something you’ve

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