Parenting Adult Children


Parents and other caregivers who have reached out to our helpline have asked many questions about how to parent an adult child with substance use problems. In addition to the concerns related to substance use,

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Parenting ideas


Being hard on yourself now serves no purpose and is in fact counterproductive with respect to the change that must happen. Your kids and your husband don’t know your boundaries because neither do you. It

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Helping Anxious kids might be easy


By Camilo Ortiz and Lenore Skenazy Dr. Ortiz, a psychologist, is an associate professor of psychology at Long Island University, Post. Ms. Skenazy is the president of the nonprofit Let Grow and the author of “Free-Range Kids.” A colleague

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Drugfree- Marijuana Resource Center


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Treatment & Recovery What Types of Addiction Treatment are Available?


For most people, “treatment” conjures images of detox or a residential rehab facility. In reality, detox (detoxification) is not treatment — it only addresses the physical symptoms of withdrawal — and a residential program is

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